Death of the Waterfall

Author:   A.C. Cristiaan|

Death of the Waterfall

Why should anyone care about the speed in which a software engineer can create and maintain enterprise level applications, or even care about the development methodologies used in the creation of such work?

The obvious answer should be, if for no other reason, time — as time does actually equal money.  The time your company deploys, will never be reclaimed — nor will the time that your employees vested in endless days, weeks and months of hamster in the proverbial wheel of development.

In the world of software development the standard methodology in which to develop and thought of as the “classic” approach is known as the Waterfall method.  Because It is linear and sequential, it is a rigid philosophy.  However, each phase of the software development life cycle has clear objectives but once started leaves zero opportunity for modification.  As its name implies, when the water starts to fall from the top of the cliff and begins its trek — it cannot logically return to its source.  Once a phase in Waterfall is completed, it proceeds to the next phase so there is no turning back.  Unfortunately in today’s fast changing business environment, there is not enough time to anticipate every obstacle or alternative approach to projects before they begin — to complicate matters “stuff” happens during the course of any development but, realistically, there’s no sense in kicking yourself for not anticipating it.

The alternative is to approach every project before it starts with the conviction to embrace the inevitable — sooner than later — at any phase of its life cycle — chaos will occur.  My experience has led me to develop a philosophy that blends what I call the Agile Creation Framework™ (ACF) with what’s commonly named Agile Development, an umbrella term with a loose set of principles.  ACF is at its core based on our proprietary development engine which is intertwined with the philosophy of an iterative world — where change is not only anticipated … it’s demanded.   In essence, it’s the ability to think and create within the same breath.


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