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Explore endless spin off options for any department — any industry.  

Endless use cases that allow you to gather and assess internal or external use cases.



Audit | Survey | Assessment Creator

The platform provides the ability to instantly create any type of audit, assessment, survey, review or checklist  allowing users to take it online and on any devise.  The platform is an authoring tool for any department and any industry.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Locations

Unlimited entries

User role based access

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Audit | Survey | Assessment Intake Form

 You're the author — create any combination of Yes/No questions and questions with user definable answers, numeric, currency, text responses or multiple choice.  

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 Audit | Survey | Assessment allows for the following — and more ...

Memo format, if desired. 
 Overall percentage or average score, if desired
 Classification (e.g., A=Excellent, B=Good, C=Average, etc.), if desired
 “Grouping” – select a cluster of users and assign them a specific audit(s)
 View information for all or failed section(s)
 View all or only missed questions and activate “User Comments” per section
 Provide “Follow Up Tracking” – allows users to know what's pending
 Critical question option, designed to fail entire audit | assessment if answered incorrectly
 Add attachments and hyperlinks for for added information
 Statistical reporting engine for complete analysis and trending

 Create your reporting on-the-fly with our Chart and Cross-Tab – drag and drop functionality

 Understand trends with Key Performance and Risk metrics

Please contact us for a demonstration to see how QUUAI can create your custom platform.